W1S1 [ˈneıtʃə US -tʃər] n
1¦(plants/animals etc)¦
2¦(somebody's character)¦
3¦(qualities of something)¦
5 in the nature of things
6 be in the nature of something
7 let nature take its course
8 back to nature
[Date: 1200-1300; : French; Origin: Latin natura, from natus; NATION]
1.) ¦(PLANTS/ANIMALS ETC)¦ also Nature[U]
everything in the physical world that is not controlled by humans, such as wild plants and animals, earth and rocks, and the weather
We grew up in the countryside, surrounded by the beauties of nature.
nature conservation
the laws/forces of nature
The inhabitants of the island fight a constant battle against the forces of nature.
in nature
All these materials are found in nature.
Disease is nature's way of keeping the population down.
someone's character
a child with a happy, easy-going nature
sb's nature
It's just not in Jane's nature to lie.
by nature
She was by nature a very affectionate person.
I tried appealing to his better nature (=his feelings of kindness) but he wouldn't agree to help us.
Of course she's jealous - it's only human nature (=the feelings and ways of behaving that all people have) .
3.) ¦(QUALITIES OF SOMETHING)¦ [singular, U]
the qualities or features that something has
nature of
They asked a lot of questions about the nature of our democracy.
He examined the nature of the relationship between the two communities.
exact/precise/true nature
The exact nature of the problem is not well understood.
different/political/temporary etc in nature
Any government funding would be temporary in nature.
Capitalist society is by its very nature unstable.
4.) ¦(TYPE)¦ [singular]
a particular kind of thing
of a personal/political/difficult etc nature
The support being given is of a practical nature.
of this/that nature
I never trouble myself with questions of that nature.
5.) in the nature of things
according to the natural way things happen
In the nature of things, there is bound to be the occasional accident.
6.) be in the nature of sth
formal to be similar to a type of thing
The enquiry will be more in the nature of a public meeting than a formal hearing.
7.) let nature take its course
to allow events to happen without doing anything to change the results
Sometimes the best cure for an illness is just to let nature take its course.
8.) back to nature
a style of living in which people try to live simply and not use modern machines
city workers who want to get back to nature in their holidays
be/become second nature (to sb) atsecond1 (10)
the call of nature atcall2 (12)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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